From Memoir – Redemption

It is rather painful to grow old and in my case to grow up. It took a few rather painful experiences to take me where I am. As everyone knows, every beginning must endure an ending. I’ve realized that, to fully accept an ending, one must sincerely know of our whereabouts…Now, personally, to fully cleanse my successful thoughts of joy, hope, and regret, I MUST steer away from what is causing those thoughts…good or bad..therefore..friends…loved ones…members of the jury…executioner…I AM TAKING A BREATHER!!!. Not so much out of cowardliness.. BUT, of the thought of better days. I got to see life from a different perspective. ..again..I must experience other opinions…again.. Yes, I’ll be gone! But there is always the promise of a brand new day..and a chance of redemption..I’ll be here to hear your emotions and to feel your candor of… whatever!! I’ll l get my ears checked and my heart mended, so that we can find our smiles…together. THANKS!!

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